About Jan Rothuizen

Jan Rothuizen (1968) is a visual artist. His work has been translated into English, Spanish and Chinese. His work is shown at film festivals and museums. He made the interactive award-winning documentary “Refugee Republic” about a refugee camp in Iraq and the VR animated film “Drawing Room” and most recently his work was seen at the Venice Architecture Biennale in collaboration with  Killing architects


Rothuizen’s drawings are best described as written maps or graphic reportages. As an artist he discovered that the confined space of a studio was not for him. Walking around the city streets, meeting people was his way of being an artist. He started Soft Atlas project in 2009. The title refers to ‘Soft City’, a book written in 1974 by British author Jonathan Raban. His idea is that the city is where the solid concrete reality of buildings and asphalt meets the malleable, subjective experience and expectation of the people who live and work there. Rothuizen publishes books and exhibits his works internationally. His drawings are published monthly in The Dutch National newspaper ‘De Volkskrant’. He made the prize winning interactive Documentary ‘Refugee Republic” where he looks at a refugee camp in Northern Iraq as an emerging city that blossoms. And VR Movie ‘Drawing Room’.

Jan Rothuizen (Amsterdam 1968)
lives and works in reasonable happiness.