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Waarom is het hier zo stil?

Animation 03:08 – 2012

ArtTube Museum Boijmans van Beuningen 2012

Why is it so quiet in here?

In the animation Jan Rothuizen made for Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen we see the entrance to the museum, which is not only a physical, but also a psychological barrier. Inside, other laws prevail than in the outside world. When we enter the museum it’s a fortress with guards, and revolving doors full of stipulations for the visitors. Inside feet have strings, phones ring and works of art request not to be touched. We see landscapes and interiors from a past that feels miraculously close by. We also see the paintings on the walls become windows that show us the world outside. In spite of it’s private nature, the museum therefore offers us a new outlook on the world that surrounds us.

Producenten / Producers: Bruno Felix & Femke Wolting
Uitvoerend producent / Line producer: Ilja Roomans
Animatie / Animations: Stein Louisse, Niels van Herk
Montage / Editing: Christiaan Grammer
Geluidsmixage / sound design: Raoul Matheron