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Self Collector

Self Collector


Digital print and drawing ink on paper
50 X 65 cm
1 photograph

‘The self collector’ is the title of an exhibition in which I continue
my investigation into representations of self.

Composition Drawings
Working with members of the technical investigation department
of the Amsterdam police, I had computer compositions made of my
face on the basis of descriptions of me by people who know me well.
The detective who compiled the composition pictures did not know
what I look like.

Palm Reading
I asked two palm readers to read my hands. I then made drawings
which included impressions of my palms with lines of text explaining
what had been said about each line in my hand. I also asked each of the
palm readers to say which line they would change to improve their reading.

Faith line
On the advice of one of the palm readers I had my faith line extended
by a plastic surgeon in a hospital.